Final Projects SIO/ECE 228 Machine learning for physical applications, Spring 2021

Group Topic Authors Slides Video Report
1 Inverted Pendulum Simulation using Reinforcement Learning
Yuanjun Huang, Po Hsiang Huang Slides Video Report
2 SecleGAN: Improvement of the CycleGAN with Segmentation
Vince Chen, Jin Wu, Jiayi Luo Slides Video Report
3 Face Mask Classification via Deep Learning
Benjamin Chang, Joseph Chang, Nikhil Pathak Slides Video Report
4 Cassava Leaf Disease Classification
Yifan Wu, Jingxiao Tian, Tianshi Feng Slides Video Report
5 Heartbeat Sound Classification Using Deep Learning
Gabrielle Evaristo, Basar Kutukcu, Nojan Sheyban Slides Video Report
Ryan Beneduce, Ryley Hill, Caleb Schelle Slides Video Report
8 Image Inpainting with Generative Adversarial Network
Chia-Wei Hsieh, Chin Lee, Hsin-Chien Chang Slides Video Report
9 Sign Language Gesture Recognition with Different Light Source
Howard Chi, Yu Cheng, Zhaowei Yu Slides Video Report
10 Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Vehicles
Samuel Cowin, Jianghong Wan, Vivaswat Suresh Slides Video Report
11 Underwater Behavior Classification in Bottlenose dolphins
Yu-Mu Chen, Zi-Xiang Xia, Margaret Kawabata Slides Video Report
12 Fruit Recognition
Chong He, Mingen Li, Entong Su Slides Video Report
13 Backdoor attack and defense in image classification
Zichao Li, Qiyao Wu, Rongxiang Zhang Slides Video Report
14 Inverse Design of a Tunable Silicon Photonic Device using Machine Learning
Li-Yuan Chiang, Ya-Chien Chang, and Wei-Ru Lin
15 Australia Next Day Rain Prediction
Hamed Mojtahed, Mohammad Zarei, Ehsan Ziae Slides Video Report
16 Style Transfer Using VGG
Xin Du, Gaotong Wu, Zhuomin Zhang Slides Video Report
17 Histopathological Cancer Detection
Sayak Kundu, Vaibhav Tiwari, Krish Vadodaria Slides Video Report
18 ML Application in electric motor temperature
Junxian Qu, Yifan Wang, Zikuan Wang Slides Video Report
19 Chest X-ray Classification for Covid-19 detection
Chih-Chieh Chien, Cheng-Yu Chen, Yun-Yi Lin Slides Video Report
20 Dog Breed Classification
Yihan Wang, Zhiwei Huang, Chengkai Jiang Slides Video Report
21 Image Captioning with Attention
Saurabh Mirani, Eunji Song, Shiladitya Biswas Slides Video Report
22 ECG analysis Using Deep Learning
Raghav Subbaraman, Savitha Srinivasan, Shivani Athavale Slides Video Report
23 Embedded Clustering of Seismic Data
John O’Boyle, Cameron Lewis, Heather Huntley Slides Video Report
24 Sign Language Classification using Deep Learning
Minting Chen, Tianyi Gao, Xiaoyang Pan Slides Video Report
25 Neural Networks for Detecting Image Steganography
Arpan Dutta, Tanmay Patil, Zhouyang Li Slides Video Report
26 Artificial neural networks for airfoil shape design in the subsonic regime
Xiangbei Liu, Marius Ruh and Mingyuan Wu Slides Video Report
27 Point Classification on Beach Survey LiDAR Point Clouds
Austin Barnes, Raymond Young, Hannah Walker Slides Video Report
28 Music Generation with Neural Composer
Lynsey Johnson, Sushmitha Kudari, Avinash Mallavarapu Slides Video Report
29 Enabling Fast Prediction of Catalytic Material Properties with Graph Neural Networks
Alexandria Do, Robert Ramji, David A. Najera Slides Video Report
30 Segmentation and classification of individual cell-type based on the distribution of organelle protein patterns
Mudit Jain, Shruti Joshi Slides Video Report
31 Dense Depth Estimation Using Transformers
Linus Grasel, Siyuan Zhu Slides Video Report
32 Paired and Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation
Gaurav Kumar, Harpreet Singh, Soham Satyadharma Slides Video Report
33 HDR Reconstruction by Novel Framework
Yen-Ting Huang, Ziyu Lin, Huilin Song Slides Video Report
34 Machine Learning for earthquake detection in Oklahoma
Xinyu Luo, Xiaoche Wang, I-Lin Yeh Slides Video Report
35 Drone Obstacle Avoidance Using NEAT
Varun Malik, Kevin Youssef, Kaustubh Lall Slides Video Report
36 Validation on Feature Extraction and Neural Network methods for Deep Learning Facial Recognition
Ivan Ferrier, Rom Tendencia, Yunzhang Liu Slides Video Report
37 Age Prediction using Scalp Electroencephalography and Deep Learning
Dung Truong, Yayu Lin, Yijia Yan Slides Video Report