Scientists, Postdocs, and Graduate students in the NoiseLab


Alumni PhDs

  1. Venkatesh Sathyanarayanan, PhD 2024 ECE/SIP, Characterization of intended and unintended RF emissions.
  2. Billy Jenkins, SIO/AOS 2023 PhD, Listening to Ice and Ocean: Machine Learning for Seismic and Acoustic Environmental Characterization
  3. Ruixian Liu, PhD 2023 ECE/SIP, Machine learning based partial differential equation (PDE) recovery,
  4. Yifan Wu, PhD 2023 ECE/SIP, Data-driven and Model-based Methods for Wideband Source Localization . Now PostDoc at Colerado School on Mines.
  5. Emma Reeves, PhD 2020 SIO/AOS, Machine learning for localizing and characterizing underwater passive acoustics. Now Scientist at JASCO Applied Sciences.
  6. Mark Wagner, PhD 2020 ECE/SIP, Array Processing for Atmospheric Sensing. Now at Northrop Grumman.
  7. Zhao Chen, PhD 2019 SIO/GEO, Seismic noise in AntarcticaSeismic Response to Ocean Waves: Microseisms and Plate Waves, Now at ByteDance, Beijing.
  8. Michael Bianco , PhD SIO/AOS 2018. Machine learning and sparse modeling for geophysical inverse problems. Now at Clarifai, san Francisco.
  9. Jie Li, PhD 2017, Visiting student from Ocean University of China, Qingdau, 2015-2017. Now Researcher at Shanghai Jiang Tong University.
  10. Angeliki Xenaki, PhD 2014, Detecting Oilspil with acoustics, Technical University of Denmark, 2011-2014. Now at NATO CMRE, La Spezia, Italy
  11. Daniel Bien Aik Tan, PhD 2014 ECE/SIP. Geoacoustic inversion, Now at DSO National Laboratories Singapore
  12. Ravi Menon, PhD 2013 ECE/SIP Reducing Uncertainty in Estimates of Environmental Parameters From Ambient Noise Using Statistical Array Processing, Now Director of Data and Analytics at Slack.
  13. Ali Karimian, PhD 2012 ECE/SIP. Refractivty estimation from radar clutter.
  14. James Traer, PhD 2013 SIO/AOS, Geophysical Inversion with Adaptive Array Processing of Ambient Noise. Now Professor at University of Iowa.
  15. Laura Brooks, PhD 2008: Ocean acoustic interferometry, 2008. Now Group leader, DST, Adelaide, Australia.
  16. Caglar Yardim, PhD 2007 ECE/SIP Statistical Estimation and Tracking of Refractivity from Radar Clutter, 2007. Now Scientist at Ohio State University.
  17. Chen-fen Huang, PhD 2005 SIO/AOS. A Bayesian Approach to Matched-Field Geoacoustic Inversion with Analysis of ASIAEX Experimental Data. Now Professor at National Taiwan University

Alumni Post Docs

  1. Ishan Khurjekar, PostDoctoral Researher, Acoustic machine leaning, Sep 2022-2024. Now Post Doctoral researcher at John Hopkins University.
  2. Michael Bianco, PostDoc 2018-2021, Assistant data scientist 2021-2022, now at Clarifai, San Francisco.
  3. Yongsung Park, Postdoc 2019-2022. Now Assistant signal processing scientist at NoiseLab.
  4. Jie Li, PostDoc 2019. Visiting Researcher from Shanghai Jiang Tong University.
  5. Santosh Nannuru, PostDoc 2016-2018. Sparse signal processing, Now Professor at IIIT Hyderabad, India.
  6. Kai Gemba, PostDoc 2015-2017 Ocean acoustics, Now Professor at Naval Postgraduate School
  7. Nima Riahi, PostDoc 2014-2016, Machine learning and array processing in seismics, Now data Scientist at Swiss Rail
  8. Haiqiang Niu, PostDoc 2015-2017, Machine Learning in ocean acoustics. Scientist at Institute of Acoustics, Beijing
  9. Anja Diez, PostDoc 2014-2016. Seismic noise in Antarctica, Now at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø.
  10. Ravi Menon, PostDoc 2013-2014, Random matrix theory and acoustic noise. Now Director of Data and Analytics at Slack.
  11. Olivier Carrière, PostDoc 2011-2013. Noise processing of ocean bottom seismometers, geoacoustic tracking, Now European patent office.
  12. Caglar Yardim, PostDoc and Scientist 2007-2013, Particle filtering, Geoacoustic inversion and electromagnetic inversion of radar clutter returns. Scientist at Ohio State.
  13. Huajian Yao, PostDoc 2010-2012, Seismic noise imaging. Now professor USTC, China.
  14. James Traer, PostDoc 2011-2012. Microseisms. Now Professor at University of Iowa.
  15. Jian Zhang, PostDoc 2007-2011, Seismic noise imaging. Now in Houston. Deceased
  16. Michael A Lewis, PostDoc 2009-2011. Seismic noise imaging. Now home in UK.
  17. Cheolsoo Park, PostDoc 2008-2009. From Korea Ocean Research Development Institute (KORDI),
  18. Chen-Fen Huang, PostDoc 2005-2007, geoacoustic inversion, Now Professor at National Taiwan University
  19. Karim Sabra, PostDoc 2003-2005, Scientist at SIO 2005-2007, Extracting Greens functions from noise, Professor at Georgia Tech.
  20. Kaelig Castor, PostDoc 2002-2004, Long range propagation of finite amplitude acoustic waves in an ocean waveguide, now in France
  21. David Battle, PostDoc 2001-2003, Evidence; Geoacoustic inversion using self noise, Now Director of Missions Systems in Sydney.