Principles of Underwater sound, December 2016


This class will investigate underwater sound from a computational point of view. We will initially focus on the basic propagation in the ocean wave guide in both frequency and time domain. In the last part of the course will focus on ocean noise and source localization.

Professor Peter Gerstoft,
Teaching Assistant Jie Li,
Professor Jiang Zhu

We meet in Zhoushan campus

Main Text: Computational Ocean Acoustics, by Finn Jensen, F.B., Kuperman, W.A., Porter, M.B., Schmidt, H., 2011

Big plan

Each week we meet:
Tue 8-10:35
Tue 19:20-20:55 computer
Thu 14:05-16:40
Fri 14:04-15-40
Fri 15:50-17:30 computer
The first two week focus on ocean wave propagation, Chapter 1-2 and part of 4.
Third week on pulse propagation
Forth week on beamforming, matched field.


    week 1:
  1. class1: Homework1: read upto page 35. Ask one (any!) question related to this in class. TL (1.3.4), Lloyd mirror (1.4.2), Snells law, 1.6 bottom loss.
  2. class2 computer homework2
  3. class3 Bottom loss, wave eq., Helmholtz 2.0-2.3
  4. class4 (friday) Layered media 2.4-2.4.1, Ch 4.Appendix
  5. class5 (Friday) computer homework3, homework4
    week 2:
  6. class6 Monday 8:05:9:40pm, Discussion 1,2.4.2
  7. Class7: Tuesday morning. 2.4.3-2.4.4, Discussion 2
  8. Class8 Tuesday evening (4 classes) . computer homework4
  9. Class9 ch 4 appendix A Discussion 2
  10. No class Friday 23 Dec
    week 3:
  11. Class10: Tuesday morning. beamform, conventional and MVDR, Discussion 2
  12. Class11 Tuesday evening. Computer homework5, computer homework6,
  13. Class13 Thursday. More beamform,Computer homework6,
  14. Class14 Friday beamform, Chapter 2.5
  15. Class15 Friday computer homework 7.
    week 4:
  16. Class16: Fathometer COA 10.4.3, see homework 8.
  17. Class17 computer homework 7.
  18. Class18 (Thursday) Form a 2-person group and discuss an ocean acoustics web page, paper or code that you find online. A good resource is . Computer homework 8.
  19. Class19 (Thursday 6pm) Noodle Dinner at the new restaurant to celebrate the end of class!
  20. Class20 Continuation of the discussion. Computer homework 8.
Just email the code to Jie Li (we dont need anything else).
Call the files LastName_ExXX. If I ask to redo some part of do it fast.
Homework is due ... That way we can discuss it in class.
  1. 13 Dec: Hw 1: Come to class and ask a question related to Chapter 1.0-1.5. Any question is valid you must ask a question!
  2. 15 Dec: Hw 2: Is here Problem 2 and 3
  3. 20 Dec: Hw 3: Is here Problem 2 and 3
  4. 25 Dec: Hw 4: Is here Problem 4 matlab codecsqrt
  5. 27 Dec: Hw 5: Is here Problem 5
  6. 30 Dec: Hw 6: Is here Problem 6 and 7
  7. 6 Jan: Hw 7: Is here Problem 6 and 7
  8. 6 Jan: Hw 8: Is here Problem 8 (20 MB zip file). A reference paper Gerstoft et al. (2008), Passive fathometer processing, J Acoust. Soc. Am, 123, 1297-1305. (PDF)