Welcome to the Gerstoft Photo album!

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Philip's birthday in San Terenzo 

Marco was a clown for the party

Our Family at the Singapore Zoo. Isn't Peter looking healthy?

A Beach in Singapore

Tiger gardens, a lesson in Chinese culture

The monkey took Christian's water bottle and didn't like to give it back.

The front of our house in S.D.

Our back yard in S.D.

Christian working in our garage

Philip at his desk

Christian finds friends at Universal Studios

More friends

L.A. with the Gerstoft family

Nixon's Presidential Library outside LA. He didn't do it.

Hiking in California

Philip and Christian make it to the top

The California desert

Karen was also on the hikes

The boys in the desert on the Cactus Trail

Philip among the cacti in the desert

A scairy ride in Legoland, Denmark

Christian and Philip with Claudia