Philip Gerstoft, Vienna International School 4SG

Italy is a marvellous place especially Venezia which is surrounded by water. There are some islands near Venezia: one is Murano, which makes world famous glass of all types. I myself has been there and it is very beautiful.

Then there is Genova with the biggest Aquarium I have ever seen. Parma is famous for Parmegiano Cheese. There is also La Spezia with its famous boat making harbour. Roma has the Colosseum, its huge River Tiber and the beautiful churches, but the best is its food which makes you and your taste buds go wild. Napoli has a famous Volcano called Vesuvius. The rest is just not worth going to because there is too much tourism and it is always the most crowed. The only time it is not crowded is in the bitter cold winter.